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Branding: The Importance of Build-In

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Many branding agencies and marketing agencies discuss the importance of buy-in. Successful branding is built on commitment by your organization to consistent use of the visual and verbal systems representing your brand, including your brand name, slogan or tagline, symbols, colours, images, and fonts. Branding Beyond Buy-In: Build-In Branding agencies, …

The Hidden Cost of Brand Strategy

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Price vs. Cost In our last blog post, What Should You Pay for Branding? we gave a high level overview of the price tag you might find attached to a complete branding project: brand analysis, brand strategy, and brand systems. But beyond price, there is cost – the all-in accounting …

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What Should You Pay for Branding?

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[Updated December 2016] What Does Branding Cost? Before we get into the question, let’s take a second to remember the distinction between price and cost. Price is what branding consultants and agencies will charge you to do branding work. Branding cost is the price, plus all the time you spend internally …

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Brand Scam: Buying Too Darn Much!

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Too many branding vendors bank on the fact that you are lost in the branding quagmire, so they can sell you more than you really need. Less common, but still a concern, is the in-house resource who is going to take your project down the rabbit hole, drawing it out, …

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Add Your Quote for Brand Scammed!

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We’re delighted by the response so far to Brand Scammed! Have a look in the comments section below for some of the quotes we’ve received by some of the best minds in business. And please add your quote to theirs. You’ll be in great company! Please provide your quote below…

Brand Scam: Buying Too Little.

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By Axle Davids, CEO & Brand Technologist, Distility Branding This scam is by far the biggest of all Brand Scams and leads to the worst brands of all. The typical story is a client who needs a branding deliverable like a website or lead generation campaign. They ask their internal …

Brand Scammed! Branding Agencies Exposed

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Branding is so loveable when it fuses a team’s passion with a customer’s need. When it separates that team from the pack. When it imbues everything they do with an authentic sense of personality. When it helps good companies and good causes win the day. But I hate the bad …

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The Problem with Branding Experts

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In the world of brand marketing, experts are everywhere. Branding agencies build their businesses on their expertise, and create proprietary jargon and brand models to bolster their credibility. But experts are often the exact opposite of what you need when you want to find your authentic brand.