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The Problem with Branding Experts

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In the world of brand marketing, experts are everywhere. Branding agencies build their businesses on their expertise, and create proprietary jargon and brand models to bolster their credibility. But experts are often the exact opposite of what you need when you want to find your authentic brand.

Experts come in all shapes and sizes. They might be individual consultants or partners in a big name agency. They might do branding as a core competency, or they might be marketing gurus, design experts, or market researchers. Many experts have the ability to focus your vision, identify change, and shift perspective in a way that can make a dramatic impact.

But here’s the problem. You wouldn’t hire an expert to interview you, go away, come back and tell you who you should be. That would be crazy! Yet that’s exactly what many companies buy from experts. How can this reflect an authentic brand? Why would any member of your team buy into this? It’s exactly this kind of approach that results in so many phony brands that never stick with the team and the audience.

What we at Distility bring to the table is a fresh take on branding strategy. We don’t believe we can ever be as expert as you are on your brand promise, position and personality. We know branding best practices, we know how tapping into a team’s passion can transform a brand, we know how to invent useful branding technologies, but we don’t know everything – THAT we know.