Ken Blanchard

Axle Davids

Axle created Distility in 2001 to make the branding process smoother and faster. For each project, Axle leads brand and business strategy development. He makes sure every client has the clarity they need to launch their brand with confidence – and with their whole team on board.

Before launching his business, Axle worked as a creative director for some of Canada’s pioneering digital firms, overseeing more than 150 interactive design projects for high-profile brands like Lands’ End, Cosmopolitan, Disney and Apple. Whether you’re a global enterprise or a fresh-faced startup, he brings your company into sharp focus.

Maryann Bell

Maryann has led the way on rebranding venerated icons like Sun Microsystems, Java, University of Phoenix, Applied Biosystems, Life Technologies, Palo Alto Networks, and Citrix. She is passionate about identifying, cultivating and amplifying the synergy between each organization’s unique culture and brand that results in a huge competitive advantage.

Through a combination of big picture thinking and roll-up-your-sleeves execution, she develops employer brand strategy and activation, including employee marketing strategy and programs, aligning employer brand strategy with company brand, and driving internal and external research.

Rami Lippa

An Honours graduate of the prestigious School of Visual arts in NYC, Rami is a brand maker at the forefront of Distility, guiding clients and helping them build value into their brands.

He leads branding and creative strategy, campaign development and design. Rami is a clear thinker who passionately believes in the transformative power of design as a catalyst for business success.

For over 25 years, Rami fulfilled senior roles as Executive Creative Director, VP, Design Director and Creative Consultant for premium agencies and clients across multiple markets and industry sectors, in the UK, US and Canada.

He’s worked for some of the most prominent brands across the globe as well as local and start-up companies: Aeroplan, American Express Europe, BBC, Boots, CAA, Empire Life, Fortuity, Fox Mobile, Jo Malone, Korverge, Land Rover, Mackenzie Investments, Mandarin Oriental, Marks & Spencer, P&G , UBS Private Bank, Volvo and Reuters.

Shannon McGaw

Is a seasoned creative with a professional architecture degree and multi-sourced knowledge of consciousness and heart-mind potential. She has a natural gift for inspiring engagement, expanding vision, and clarifying intention.

Shannon has brought her skills to projects for Scotiabank Construction + Design Division, numerous architectural firms and a diverse range of creative media and entrepreneurial initiatives. She has consulted with Distility since 2010 when she helped create our flagship one-day Distility Brand Strategy Workshop.

Simi Kuper

When you experience a Distility workshop, you have Simi to thank for the impeccable coordination of the day. She’s mastered all the little details that create the perfect environment for generating ideas and committing to a new strategy.

Simi is also a brand naming maven. She has contributed to every major Distility naming project since 2010 and, with her background in theatre and English literature, she is a natural when it comes to developing and stress testing your brand’s story and experience.

Lorne Kirshenbaum

Lorne is a master marketing communications strategist dedicated to helping clients achieve clarity in these unprecedented times of change and challenge.

A profound believer in the power of the brand, Lorne was co-founder of Brandworks–one of Canada’s most successful independent, fully integrated agencies–where he lead the creation of marketing strategies and campaigns for major brands in virtually every sector.

Under his leadership, Brandworks joined the global advertising network Worldwide Partners (WPI) where he served on the board from 2005 to 2009. Brandworks was successfully sold in April 1, 2013.

Lorne holds an MBA from York University.

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