Get together. Get aligned. Only Distility delivers your brand promise, position and personality in 1 breakthrough day.

The Branding Workshop
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Our workshop combines the right branding experts with a unique brainstorming process and patented decision support software. There’s no homework to do before or after the event. We explore, identify and commit to your brand promise, position and personality in one day.

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Show up, grab a coffee and hit the ground running. With our help, explore and commit to the best ideas. The next day, put your new brand strategy to work.

In the Morning

We get you to brainstorm ideas for brand promise, position and personality. Using our patented software, our brand strategists lead you through exercises that rally team consensus around the best ideas, with healthy doses of branding education at every turn.

In the Afternoon

We help you commit to your new brand promise, position and personality. The best part is, it will be 100 percent authentic, because our software captures your team’s opinions individually and anonymously. Later, check your email for your new brand strategy.

Our workshops can support 1–15 participants.
There is no homework for participants. Distility provides the project sponsor with total support, inviting the group to the workshop and coordinating the day. We can also gather pre-workshop audience insights through one-on-one interviews, surveys or social media channels. After the workshop, we meet with you to discuss the implications of your new brand strategy, regarding your marketing, sales and culture. We’re here to help you bring your new strategy to the world in the most efficient way possible. See our gallery and services page for more.

Pricing is based on the number of participants, making it affordable for teams of 1–15.
Logos and names are not immediate outcomes of the workshop. However, clients that engage Distility for logo and naming work can have their workshop upgraded: our designer can begin developing concepts, or our copywriter can begin generating names during the day.
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