A compelling message and a winning new name are now just 1 day away.


The Distility Naming + Messaging Workshop gets at the heart of your new product or service, so you can get to market faster.

Get Ahead of the Game

Your name is your most important marketing tool. If it fails to compel, it fails to sell. When your product or service name is driven by a clear brand strategy and a rock solid value proposition, it can elevate you above the rest. When it isn’t, it can work against you.

How We Help

In one day, our brand strategists lead you and your team through a proven naming workflow, where you explore and commit to different features, benefits and emotional values for your brand. Then, we help you generate a shortlist of viable names you can act on.

“Distility’s day-long workshop, allowed us to leverage the insights of key cross-institutional stakeholders to get at the heart of what could have taken months of strategic exploration.”

Olga Lalka Director Marketing, Humber Institute of Technology + Advanced Learning

Get the Message

First, we walk the group through your brand strategy and voice. Then, we educate them on naming dos and don’ts. Before lunch, we zero in on key features, benefits and emotional attributes that define the message.

Let the Names Begin

With consensus on your brand message, we guide your team through brainstorming exercises that produce a high volume of names. Together, we decide which ones are put forth as the viable options for the future.

Have the Full Report

The very next day, Distility delivers a high-level naming report, containing a summary of the day and its goals, the final name shortlist, the pros and cons of each option, and the brand message outline that drives it all.

What Does Naming Affect?
How people recognize and remember your brand
How product and service brands tie into your corporate brand
How product or service logos are created or streamlined
How people search the web for your brand

Why Go With Distility?
Experts in group facilitation, brand strategy and brand identity
Unlocked brand advantage for nearly 50 firms in North America
Advocates of the simplest approach that works
Featured in the Globe and Mail, PROFIT and Fast Company
Adept at web meetings and happy to travel to you

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