AT&T | Ericcson

As branding agency for Ericsson Global Services, Distility has positioned and messaged multiple retail and B2B categories, new offers, sales decks, scripts, web pages, online and in-store promotional Flash movies, and much more for AT&T.

“Distility is a trusted vendor. Whatever the challenge, be it brand research, definition, naming or design, they can be counted upon for out-of-the-box ‘simplest things that work’ solutions that get the job done.”

Revital Marom, Director

Applied Biosystems

Distility has provided brand identity, positioning, naming and software and packaging design services to Applied Biosystems.

“I’ve worked with Distility on numerous naming and brand positioning projects. They’ve consistently provided excellent, proven processes customized to meet the specificity and requirements of each brand development project. Whether providing a brand positioning framework, or rapidly accelerating brand development through their one-day workshop, our teams have significantly benefited from their innovative approach to branding and the resulting, high-quality outcome.”

Maryann Bell, Director Brand Strategy

MDS Analytical Technologies

Distility was chosen to upgrade the reputation of MDS software, including: branding and naming all new software since 2004, repositioning of select hardware in 2008, user-interface designs and brand guidelines, packaging, and 2008 campaign concepts.

“Their brand identity workshops and designs have made our new product introduction process far more efficient, allowing us to focus our efforts on other strategic priorities.”

Byron Kiezer, Senior Product Marketing Manager

“Distility worked with us on a number of projects at MDS Sciex, proving again and again that they can take branding and product identity out of the marketing boardroom and apply them very successfully in an R&D driven environment that ‘doesn’t do branding’”

Heather Searl, Manager User Experience


In 2002, Distility was chosen to upgrade the AutoShare brand. Since then, we’ve helped them to double their membership every year, defeat one competitor and successfully defend against the entry of Zipcar into the Toronto market. We’re proud to have helped define and design almost all of the brands’ marketing and sales touch-points and also to have contributed to the AutoShare customer’s overall brand experience.

“Distility helped transform our company from a little known start-up to a mature, established brand with over 10,000 members.”

Kevin McLaughlin, President