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Distility aligned our leadership and helped us hit major home runs in our market – within one year of our rebranding.

Rick Mallon, VP of Marketing + Product Management
Sigma Systems

Rally Your Team, Rebrand Swiftly

Distility makes it easy to get rebranding in motion. We take you from brand analysis, to strategy, to creative solutions in as few as three C-suite meetings. Our process aligns your team early on, so your project moves forward – never backwards.

Distility’s day-long workshop, allowed us to leverage the insights of a core group of cross-institutional stakeholders to get at the heart of what could have taken months of strategic exploration. We used the outcome of the day as the foundation for building a new brand campaign that was developed in record time.

Olga Lalka, Director of Marketing
Humber Institute of Technology + Advanced Learning

Look Like a Branding Ninja

Like you, many of our customers are at a turning point. They’ve proven their marketing chops. But they’ve inherited a broken brand. We make the rebranding process predictable and practical, so you can lead your organization into the light.

Distility’s brand workshop aligned our senior team on our brand strategy which they then nailed in our new look.

Andrew Guido, Executive Vice President
Empire Communities

Why People Choose Distility

We see a big problem with branding as most people know it. It’s too slow. Too complicated. Too cryptic and subjective for business today. That’s why we approach brand strategy as facilitators rather than dictators. That’s also why we don’t sell logos or slogans. We sell high powered brand identities.

Walking away at the end of the day, we had a brand that was emotional and that resonated.

Paul Pinchbeck, Director of Marketing
Blue Mountain Resorts