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Revealed: Distility’s Biggest Brand Strategy Success Secret

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A successful brand strategy tells your team how you want your brand to be known. It identifies a desired brand reputation – one that, by being achieved, will accelerate your overall business success. So why do so many Brand Strategies, and the Brand Marketing that follows, experience an inglorious lack of effectiveness?

We’re going to let you in on a very big secret — the secret that lies at the heart of our approach with Distility 1day1brand. The reason most brands underwhelm usually boils down to a failure of exploration, or commitment or both.

To achieve a successful brand strategy requires a high level of exploration — that is, productive dialogue around the brand’s promise, position and personality. But that is not enough. There must also be a high level of team commitment to the most relevant, compelling, and competitive brand ideas. For Distility 1day1brand we consider the key ideas your brand promise, brand position, and brand personality but we’re not ideological. Whatever your brand model, without quality exploration and commitment, your brand strategy will be compromised.

If your brand strategy has been fully explored and your team has full commitment to the best brand idea(s), then you have conviction and strength driving you forward as you do the hard work of earning the desired reputation.

“Exploration” and “commitment” are at the heart of a successful brand strategy. They are also the most neglected ideas in the world of corporate branding. That is to say, very few brands, from micro-brands to mega-brands, are fully explored and then committed to by their teams.

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