Brand Scam: Buying Too Darn Much!

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Too many branding vendors bank on the fact that you are lost in the branding quagmire, so they can sell you more than you really need. Less common, but still a concern, is the in-house resource who is going to take your project down the rabbit hole, drawing it out, maybe never to get it done.

Because branding is sold as art, as science, and as everything in between, there are no standard deliverables in the industry. What can you do?

We here at Distility want to make sure you’re not an easy target, that’s why we’ve put together the diagram below. It shows the basic branding deliverables that any sane vendor or hire would use. Use them as a baseline to compare the deliverables vendors and hires will recommend as well as to detect unnecessary or hidden costs your vendor or hire may be neglecting to share.

The Four Major Types of Branding Work
Basic Deliverables Diagram

four types of brand marketing deliverables

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