Brand Scammed! Branding Agencies Exposed

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Brand Technologist - Axle Davids

Axle Davids, CEO + Brand Technologist, Distility Branding

Branding is so loveable when it fuses a team’s passion with a customer’s need. When it separates that team from the pack. When it imbues everything they do with an authentic sense of personality. When it helps good companies and good causes win the day.

But I hate the bad side of branding with a passion! When it is practiced as black-art voodoo or absurdly complex pseudo-science. When it is all fast talk followed by slow-motion. When it it is ruined from the inside by politics, conformists and brandwashers. (Calm down, Axle. Deep breath.)

I’ll admit, in my career I have even unwittingly contributed to a scam of two. Now you know my secret shame. One that I hope will be absolved with the release of Brand Scammed! How to Avoid Buying the Wrong Branding Solution. Now companies and causes have a chance at hiring or buying a better brand.

So please help us here at Distility to save your peers, friends, and connections from the brand scammers. Together we can save someone’s career. Together we can save a deserving brand from an unfortunate future. Together we can help companies and causes succeed where they would otherwise fail.

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