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What Makes a Good Tagline?

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It’s no secret that a good tagline or slogan can be a cornerstone of an enduring brand. At Distility, we believe that a concise, elegantly-crafted tagline can drive home the value of a brand. But coming up with the perfect one-liner is no walk in the park. There’s lots to …

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Brand Naming: When Time Equals Money

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At Distility we are passionate about delivering branding at the speed of business rather than at the typical glacial speed of other branding agencies and consultants. To make this possible, we developed Distility 1day1brand which allows our customers to develop their brand strategy in one day. We have also developed …

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The Minimum Viable Brand

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Minimum Viable Brand Requirements Through our technology clients, we were fortunate to have had early exposure to the new wave of programming that began about a decade ago and prominently features the concept of the “minimum viable product”. A minimum viable product only has the features that allow the product …

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Make Your Branding Resolutions Stick

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The new year is a great time for goal setting.  There are a number of schools of thought on goal setting and how to track and measure your progress.  Whatever your goal setting and tracking paradigm, if increasing brand awareness or building your brand is one of your goals, then …

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Steve Jobs’ Buddhist Branding Secret

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The real secret to Steve Jobs’ branding success stems from his time spent studying Buddhism in India. It was there that he learned the importance Buddhism places on intuition. Here is what Jobs told his biographer Walter Isaacson: “The people in the Indian countryside don’t use their intellect like we …