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Brand Positioning Fundamentals – The Customer

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As noted in the post Positioning – Much Abused. How to Use here at Distility Branding, for 1day1brand, we use the classic positioning statement that is made up of the elements in the above diagram. 1.Your Target Customer 2.Their Need 3.Their Frame of Reference 4.Your Dramatic Difference(s) 5.Your reason(s) to believe Together …

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Choosing a Brand Personality

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You Don’t Want Your Brand to be Cold and Lifeless – You Want it to Have Personality Imagine your company as an actual person that your target audience is meeting for the first time. What first impression do you want to make on your target audience? Here, your answer shouldn’t …

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Customers are the Brand

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This is the first time I’ve heard of Graham Brown. But it won’t be the last. We’re now following @GrahamDBrown on Twitter. He’s a Brit from the other side of the pond. Works for Mobile Youth TV. Graham does an exceptional job of highlighting how the traditional advertising companies are – for …

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Positioning – Much Abused, How to Use

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Positioning – Much Abused. How to Use. Sales Guy #1: So What’s Your Positioning? sales Guy #2: We’re a global leading manufacturer of rubber chickens. Ouch. Poor Positioning. She is so misunderstood. Maybe even the most abused term in Marketing. Here’s the bottom line. Positioning needs to be relative to …