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Distility Milestone: Patent Issued on Brand Marketing Technology

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We at Distility are excited to announce that our game-changing brand marketing technology has officially been issued a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Designed to help a group reach a fully supported collective opinion, our now patented touch-screen software makes it easier for individuals to communicate their ideas regarding their brand in a collaborative situation.

It does this by providing a networked, digital environment in which ideas can be coupled with titles and images, so that group members can see the true potential of each other’s ideas. Then, the software lets users vote anonymously on these inputs, and groups them in clusters of greater or less similarity and importance, supporting the best possible collective decisions regarding a brand promise, personality and position.

Distility Brand Marketing Software: The History

The process began back in October, 2010, when Distility submitted a U.S. provisional patent application for its innovation, “Method of Visualizing the Collective Opinion of a Group”, with both a U.S. patent application and PCT application filed one year later, in the fall of 2011.

This is a big step for Distility as an industry thought-leader. It acknowledges the uniqueness of our breakthrough approach which accelerates the traditionally slow, inefficient process of branding.

What Our Patented Brand Marketing Software Offers

An easy-to-read, graphical touch-screen interface that helps branding workshop group members communicate their ideas with compelling pictures and titles.

  • A platform for participants to cluster ideas according to levels of similarity and importance.
  • Harnesses the diversity of opinions and insight of large groups, which are key to the creation of a brand that has authentic team commitment.
  • Increases participants’ anonymity around the decision making process, reducing the risk of branding bottlenecks like groupthink, polarization of views, false consensus and disengagement.

Read more about the application process and our patented brand marketing technology in our past post Distility News: U.S. Patent Application and PCT Filing by Innovative Canadian Branding Agency.

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