Distility Featured in Globe and Mail Video on Business Tips for Consistent Branding

New Video: Business Tips for a Consistent Brand

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Small and midsize businesses can benefit from creating a consistent brand experience. That starts with having a well thought-out brand strategy — a brand promise, position and personality — that wins space in the customer’s mind. But when business leaders don’t take the extra steps to ensure that their brand is felt to be authentic by customers and team members, they run the risk of losing space in the mind.

As seen in the recent Globe and Mail video featuring Distility, here are some tips for small and midsize business leaders to maintain that golden level of authenticity by maintaining a consistent brand experience.

Design Work Before Brand Strategy Does Not Make for a Consistent Brand

A clear brand promise, position and personality should always be defined and committed to before beginning creative work. Unfortunately, it’s too common for businesses to rush into commissioning full brand marketing campaigns without first defining:

  • Their promise to resolve their customer’s need
  • The style in which they will always deliver on that promise
  • What makes them quantifiably different from the competition.

Outsourcing Your Brand Strategy Can Make Your Brand Less Consistent

Bringing in outside branding experts can cause problems, especially if there is no plan to efficiently integrate a brand strategy into the daily life of a company. When it comes time for the experts to leave, a small or midsize organization can run the risk of becoming fuzzy on its brand promise, position and personality, simply because the branding was left entirely in the hands of the external experts, with no internal build-in. To avoid this pitfall, small and midsize business leaders can:

  • Take the time to think about their brand promise, position and personality, and how they are being reflected in all of their brand’s internal and external touchpoints so that it can work on a day-to-day basis, and not fizzle out
  • Remember that a brand is something that exists in the mind of the customer, but also in their own mind, and the mind of their team — if a brand does not sensitively address the customer’s need, and authentically reflect the team’s passion for what their company brings to market, then it will not be a consistent brand, thus forfeiting space in the customer’s mind.

Distility Talks with the Globe and Mail About What Makes a Consistent Brand

See Distility in action in this video feature by the Globe and Mail on how small and midsize businesses can make the right impression with consistent branding. [VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

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