Distility – First Toronto Branding Agency with CEO Office Hours

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Distility CEO Axle Davids Toronto Branding Agency

As part of our ongoing effort to give brand strategy and identity design a better name, Brand expert and Distility CEO Axle Davids will be holding CEO Office Hours.

This is your chance to ask the questions that matter to you: pre-sales questions; questions about defining and operationalizing your brand, questions about life in a branding agency… whatever you need to know when it comes to making things work in the world of brand marketing and advertising.

Axle will be available to take your calls at 416-413-7777 ext 7 or via Skype (axle01) on Thursday April 14th, from noon until 1:30pm EST, and after that at the same time, on the first Thursday of every month.

Please note: We will not be accepting sales calls and we ask that calls be limited to fifteen minutes each.