Calling All Business Innovators to Become Distility Pioneers

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Distility Launches New Program

Over the past year, almost half of Distility 1day1brand engagements have been the result of referrals from customers and professionals who have personally experienced Distility 1day1brand.  To offer a tangible thank you for future referrals, Distility has launched the Distility Pioneer Program, a lead referral program that provides a referral fee for each registered lead which results in a closed sale of a Distility 1day1brand.

As well, Distility knows that true business innovators are motivated by providing value to their trusted contacts and customers, not by referral fees alone. Distility Pioneers are driven by a desire to offer trusted contacts and customers the ability to create an authentic, collaborative and trouble-free brand in one day.

As a Distility Pioneer, your customers benefit from significant quality and speed-to-market improvements compared with the traditional branding process. For the Distility Pioneer, the benefits can extend to accelerated insight, momentum and trust gained from participation in Distility 1day1brand events with your customer, as well as improved follow-on work having quickly established an authentic brand strategy, name and systems.  And just as important, entrusting your customers to Distility doesn’t mean loss of account control. They remain your customer throughout the process.

Learn more about becoming a Distility Pioneer.