Pragmatic Brand Strategy

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A strategy is knowing where you want to play and how you want to win. A brand strategy is playing in the right customer’s mind, and winning with a brand promise, personality and position that are compelling, credible and competitive. At Distility, we are pragmatists.  We are passionate in our commitment that your brand strategy isn’t useful if it is an ethereal concept; your brand strategy must be a practical touchstone that you can actually use to build your brand.

Brand Strategy Must Haves

The Distility Brand Strategy Model shown above details what your brand team needs to build your brand. Before a brand can truly win space in the customer’s mind, the brand team must first define and commit to these critical elements:

  • Target audience
  • Audience need
  • Competition
  • Brand promise
  • Brand personality
  • Brand position

We call this the Distility Brand Strategy model, and while it is a distillation of the essential elements of brand strategy, from our experience it is actually more than what 99% of brands out there have and it is what 99% of brands need.

If you think you are ready to develop your brand strategy, we recommend that you try the Distility “Are You Ready” assessment tool. It will inform you if you know enough about your audience, competition and what you are branding; this information will let you know how ready you are for branding.

Are You Ready for Branding?