Red Ribbon Cutting to Announce Distility Branding Agency and Design Lab Strategic Partnership Announcement

Toronto Design Agency First Partner for Paradigm Shifting Brand Technology

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Strategic Partnership Enables Design Lab Customers to Develop their Brand Strategy in One Day with Distility 1day1brand.

November 28, 2011, Toronto, ON — Design Lab ( and Distility ( are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to bring Distility 1day1brand to Design Lab clients. This unique patent-pending decision support technology will enable Design Lab clients to develop their brand promise, position and personality in just one day.

“Traditional brand development is too slow, and too complicated for the speed of business today,” says Distility CEO Axle Davids.  “As our first strategic partner, Design Lab is bringing brand development into the 21st century with a solution that is quick, collaborative, and authentic.”

The patent-pending Distility 1day1brand brings Design Lab customers together for an intensive, one-day brand development session. Using tablet computers, a three-screen video Workwall, and special software that encourages uncensored brainstorming, Distility facilitators lead the team through idea generation, review and refinement, rapidly achieving consensus at each decision point. At the end of the day, the team emerges not only with the distillation of their best ideas, but also with a strong commitment to those ideas.

This approach has been proven with some of the top brands in Canada and the United States including AT&T, AutoShare and Blue Mountain Resorts. As of November 21, 2011, 90% of participants are “’very satisfied’ with the outcome of their Distility 1day1brand experience.

“Four years ago, the Design Lab team went through Distility 1day1brand,” says Design Lab CEO Alexander Younger. “We were amazed at how quick, and collaborative it was. To this day, the brand promise, position and personality we developed remain authentic and compelling. We’ve been urging Distility ever since to partner with us, so our clients could be amongst the first to experience the benefits of the best brand strategy process on the market.”

“We are delighted to have Design Lab as our first strategic partner,” says Davids. “At Distility, we are passionate about helping teams unlock their brand advantage by developing and committing to an authentic and enduring brand strategy.  Design Lab is an ideal partner since they appreciate the importance of design work, not only being beautiful, but being set in a solid business and brand strategy foundation.”

About Design Lab

Design Lab is an award winning Toronto design agency.  Design Lab is about great design – not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also – and more importantly – Design Lab work has helped boost the bottom line for clients across many industries from banking to fashion retailing to aviation and beyond. Learn more at

About Distility

Distility is a branding agency, based in Toronto’s MaRS technology centre, which has developed Distility 1day1brand as a state of the art solution to improve the quality, commitment and speed of branding.  Learn more and see a video of Distility 1day1brand in action at