Three Ingredients to make a good brand

3 Ingredients to Make a Good Brand

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To Create a Good Brand, Your Brand Needs to Get Three Key Ingredients Working Together.

A good brand is one that has attained prime space in your target customer’s mind so that the brand is remembered as the customer’s preferred solution. There are three overarching ingredients to creating a good brand.  Getting these three ingredients to work together is how you succeed in creating a good brand.

1. The Right Customer

To build a good brand, you need to focus on the best audience (target customer) for your brand. Determine what your target customer values and focus your brand offering to that customer.  This will mean sacrificing things valued by others and not by your target.  Good branding requires sacrifice. You will fail if you try and be all things to all people.

2. A Good Brand Promise, Personality and Position

If you don’t lose sight of your target customer when you define your brand, then your chances of defining a good brand promise, personality and position are dramatically improved.

  • A good brand promise combines fulfilling your customer’s need with your team’s passion.
  • A good brand personality is authentic to your organization, attractive to your target customer and consistently delivered.
  • A good position is the clear reason your target customer will fulfill their need with your promise instead of a competitive solution.

3. Great Commitment by Your Team

The branding journey begins with targeting the right customer and developing a good brand strategy, but it does not end there.  A good brand delivers a consistent experience from initial brand awareness right through the entire customer experience – sales, delivery, solution experience, billing and any after-care or support. To get all aspects of your operations (as opposed to only your marketing campaigns) on brand, you need to ensure you have a strong commitment from your team.  Having an A+ commitment from your team is a vital (but often overlooked) ingredient to good branding.

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