The Lexus Hoverboard and Brand Positioning

The Lexus Hoverboard Is Brand Positioning Incarnate

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The Internet has recently been aflame with video content from the Lexus marketing department, showcasing a steaming, boardlike object, made of futuristic carbon fibre and woodgrain, floating inches above a sun bleached skate ramp somewhere in Barcelona.

“It’s a Hoverboard, and It’s Real” Exclaims the Internet 

It takes a second for you to realise what you’re being shown. But this is, indeed, the latest innovation from the would-be alchemists at Lexus International: the world’s first “real” hoverboard. This could be the product of an *understandable* obsession with the hoverboard sequence in Back to the Future II, a widely used point of reference. But more likely, it’s the most recent embodiment of a broader corporate content strategy to position the brand as a leader in innovative design.

The Lexus Hoverboard + Lexus Brand Positioning

Though the Lexus positioning statement is probably not stated explicitly, it finds expression in the term “Progressive Luxury,” found in the Lexus origin story, and in other statements celebrating the brand’s unique selling proposition of “the epitome of luxury” with “the most advanced technology.”

However you put it, Lexus differentiates from other luxury automotive brands on the merit of its forward-thinking design. In terms Lexus would use – and has used – it makes the impossible possible, even probable, through new combinations of innovation and style.

There’s Something Missiony Here, Too

The Lexus Hoverboard is a clever concept. It showcases the design excellence on which Lexus differentiates. But it goes further to drive home a broader sense of optimism – the “we can, we will” message that you will find in the Lexus mission statement. (That’s two brand birds with one stone!)

This same message is reinforced in earlier Lexus content pieces, which feature several other Lexus-inspired projects. Shown beneath a headline that reads “Great Design Speaks to Everyone Everywhere,” these pieces focus on uplifting design and innovation initiatives that steer clear of automotive subject matter, but are nonetheless presented by Lexus.

Looking to Position Your Brand? Learn From Lexus

A truly strong brand position is something you invest in. If you want your target audience to take note of why your brand is better than the competition, you may need to put time and money into the creation of a tangible point of difference. And it should be driven by an authentic brand mission or purpose – like the Lexus Hoverboard is. Then, if you really want to be perceived as a leader, you’ll go the extra mile to invest in content that compellingly captures that difference.

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