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Distility in Forum Magazine on Branding Education

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Branding Education – How to Make Branding Better

In October 2012, our company was featured in the Forum Magazine Business Spotlight. The article focuses on the backbone of our business – our ability to make branding faster and more pragmatic than what is made possible by traditional branding agencies.

Ironically (and because this was solely a print article), we have only just now gotten our hands on the piece. But because it illustrates the departure point between slow, traditional branding and our way of speedy, pragmatic branding, it’s a great launching pad for talk on what makes branding inefficient, and what makes branding great.

Three Key Things That Make Branding Great

  • Ideas should be objectively evaluated against one another without the groupthink that grows from the pressure of internal hierarchy. In a pragmatic branding workshop, using decision support technologies makes idea generation anonymous, and authentic.

  • Buy in is great, but build in is best – a branding process can be healthy, fast and pragmatic if the goal is to empower a team to be the expert on their own brand.

  • With build in, there is a more concrete way of measuring return on investment, because the core identity of the brand is instantly acted upon by the team that helped build it.

Forum Magazine Business Spotlight

Check out the full print article below – for your reading pleasure:


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