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Distility Rebrands Branding for Software Engineers

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Well, it’s safe to say it – we have been busy bees here at Distility. Whether we’ve been on the road for branding workshops, or building brands right here in our office, we’ve had no shortage of projects this year. And with all the hustle and bustle, it’s been harder than usual to keep our feet planted in the blogosphere.

But we’re not complaining. Currently, we have one very interesting renaming project on the go for an engineer-minded Canadian software company. Since we’re such big tech enthusiasts, a software naming project is extremely exciting.

Software Naming: Pragmatic Branding Works for Engineers

It’s been great to see the momentum our pragmatic approach has generated with data-driven individuals over the years. But with the software company’s recent branding workshop, we have been able to put our patented brand marketing technology to good use in the broader effort of renaming their company.

Distility Featured in Software Company’s Blog

The software company stakeholders had seen their fair share of workshops, with little zeal for the usual scenario in which an expert is brought in to facilitate branding activities that leave less-than-tangible results. But this week, we were delighted to see a highly positive review of our branding workshop on the company’s blog. The post focuses on:

  • The highly efficient workflow of the workshop.

  • The key role the workshop played in helping participants move past challenges in describing their brand category.

  • The buy-in achieved through the Distility approach.

Click here to read the post.

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