What You Missed on Twitter This Week

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twitter branding content like a fast moving train

@1day1brand top tweets for the week ending May 27, 2011. The speed of information dissemination has accelerated.  Keeping up can be a breathless activity.  To help keep up on how branding can help your business, Distility @1day1brand offers a recap of this week’s top @1day1brand tweets. 

Oprah Brand Lessons

  • What Oprah Taught Me About Marketing …  Be Authentic and Consistent – http://ow.ly/51zEv

Targeting Your Customer Online

Social Media in the Whitehouse

Big Brand Campaigns

  • New Fiat approach to car catalogue shows that QR Codes don’t have to be ugly – http://ow.ly/51zrw


This week’s Top Distility Rebranding Branding Content

  • Brand Scammed – http://ow.ly/51y4C


Twitter Tips and Jargon for the uninitiated

Protected Accounts — Tweeting only for Approved Followers

Twitter is used by many people and businesses to disseminate their ideas and information to as many people as possible.  However, if you aren’t ready to have your tweets shared with the public and you want to control who sees your tweets, then you can choose for your twitter account to be a “protected” account as opposed to the default “public” account.

The protected account feature will appeal to you if you want to maintain privacy of your tweets, you are using twitter for personal communication or you are a parent with children experimenting with social media.

The basics of a protected account are:

  • Protected accounts require the twitter user to approve new followers.
  • Only approved followers can see the tweets made from a protected account.
  • To protect your account, you simply change your account settings by checking the “Protect my Tweets” box.