An Authentic Brand Motivates Employees Better Than Money

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Human resource experts, academics, business leaders and writers have researched and written extensively on the power of purpose as a motivator for employee performance.  In fact, Daniel Pink in his book Drive posits that the carrot and stick approach — where money is used as both carrot and stick — is outdated and should be replaced with systems based on autonomy, mastery and purpose.

The research and writing on the importance of purpose in motivating employee performance is compelling.  It considers the importance of knowing more than what tasks a job requires and moving beyond the outdated model of employees as cogs in a wheel. Motivating with purpose recognizes that people are more effective and driven when they know what their team’s goal is and how their works fits into achieving that common goal.   At Distility, the research is exciting since it integrates with our passion to help teams unlock their brand advantage.  An ultimate brand is built on an authentic (not phony) brand promise that fulfills both your customers’ need and your team’s passion, and, by doing this, your brand promise defines your organization’s high level goal. Your brand promise can then be communicated, metabolized and operationalized, and your team can work together to fulfill your brand promise.

Ask yourself: Is your brand motivating your team?

  • Have you defined a promise that fuses your customers’ need with your organization’s passion?
  • Have you communicated your promise across the organization?
  • Are employees rewarded for accurately communicating and keeping the promise?
  • Is your team working together to fulfill your brand’s promise?

A motivated team starts with a solid brand strategy. 

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