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April Fools’ Brand Pranks: Best of 2014

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What a wonderful time of year it is. The snow is melting, the daylight is becoming plentiful, and the brands of the world are taking the you-know-what out of us for April Fools’ Day – again. Here are our favourite brand pranks of April 1st, 2014. 1. Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge …

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Minimum Viable Social Media Plan

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It’s no secret that social media has become a common marketing tool for brands to engage with their target audiences. But with the rise of social media marketing, many people have developed conflicting opinions about the ability of recent graduates to drive an organization’s social media efforts. Brands and Social …

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Can Experiential Retailing Help Differentiate a Brand?

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Faced with increased online retail competition and witnessing the success of the retail innovations introduced by the Apple Store, brands are looking to innovate the retail shopping experience by enhancing the in-person retail experience. This trend is now referred to as “experiential retailing”. Experiential Retailing in a Nutshell The rationale …

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Brand Loyalty: Canadian Tire Money

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Canadian Tire Money is an Iconic Brand Loyalty Program Back in 1958, Canadian Tire launched a visionary loyalty program. It started giving its customers Canadian Tire Money equal to a fixed percentage when they used cash at Canadian Tire stores. To this day, Canadian Tire Money can be used like …