Boston Pizza Embraces Bad Naming Strategy in Time for Playoffs

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Brand Naming Strategy

So, you are Boston Pizza trying to both increase brand awareness and inspire customer loyalty.  The Stanley Cup finals pit the Vancouver Canucks against the Boston Bruins.  Ironically, you are a Canadian company, and are now suffering from your brand strategy of being perceived as Bostonian. You may be regretting your naming strategy right now. What should you do?  Try to downplay or ignore the issue?  Or embrace it?  

Boston Pizza has managed to embrace the issue in a very clever campaign.  As you can see from the visual above, Boston Pizza has cheekily (temporarily) changed its name to “Vancouver Pizza” and come out as proud Vancouver Canucks fans.  We love it.  It both increases brand awareness and puts them in the corner of their home and native Canuck fan customers.

What do you think of this new brand marketing from Boston Pizza? Is this a sign that Canadian companies should stop pretending to be American?