Tips to Inspire and Keep Customers, Innovation Mistakes and Ad History

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@1day1brand top tweets for the week ending June 3, 2011.

How Not to Innovate

The Economics of Customer Retention

Restoration Hardware Efforts to Inspire Customers and Create a Unique Brand

The History Of Advertising

This week’s Top Distility Rebranding Branding Content


Online and Twitter Jargon for the uninitiated

PPC or Pay Per Click
Pay per click (PPC) is an internet ad method where advertisers pay the host service (like Google, Linked In, Facebook and the like) each time someone “clicks” on the ad link.  By clicking on the ad, the online consumer is directed to the advertiser web-site or landing page.

To avoid the possibility of being bankrupted by clicks, the advertiser sets a budget or limit of the ad spend and once the limit is reached, the ad stops appearing.