Want to attract the best talent for your scale-up?

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Define your Employer Value Proposition and watch your hiring quickly soar

We hear more and more from our clients how recruiting and retaining top talent is vital for the overall success of the business. Finding top talent is only getting tougher as competition increases, the skills gap widens and millennials looking for more purpose-driven work become the largest segment of the workforce. 

Smart scale-ups are using an Employer Value Proposition to win top talent–fast

While the war for talent runs across every industry, technology companies and scale-ups face particularly daunting challenges to hire in ultra-high demand areas. New fields such as AI and machine learning yield much fewer candidates. Larger, more established companies with deeper pockets can make acquiring talent more challenging for a startup. And there is the added pressure to move fast because meeting investor expectations depends on scaling up the team.

Our client, Swift Medical raised $11.8M in a Series A and then needed to quickly hire over fifty new team members, many of them in highly competitive fields like machine learning, computer vision, and data science. The first step we took in helping them create a winning employer brand? Distilling their EVP. Then we quickly translated that work into messaging, a strategic onboarding session and recruitment campaigns that helped Swift recruit fifty new team members in five months.

What is an EVP?

An Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is the sustained value that a company brings to employees, potential recruits and even alumni.

The EVP gives clarity on the company’s offer to its talent:

  • Impact – How working for the brand impacts your community, industry or world.
  • Feelings – How working for the brand makes you feel – the emotional benefits
  • What you get – The top tangible, functional benefits working for the company
  • Competitive stance – The top features of the company
  • Reasons to believe – That lends credibility to the above value propositions

The difference between an Employer Brand and an EVP

There is often common confusion between what is an Employer Brand and EVP. Not every company has defined an EVP, but every company has an employer brand, whether they like it or not. The employer brand is the sum experience of the brand, in the mind of the talent. It is a multitude of factors including compensation, benefits, work environment, culture, and opportunities for growth. The EVP, by comparison, is akin to the tip of the spear, the weapon of choice to communicate the parts of the employer brand that will best recruit and retain the best talent. Harness your EVP and you’ll be able to clearly differentiate your offer with new recruits.

Get your EVP faster and watch your numbers soar

In the war for talent, your organization is competing against larger, more well-known brands. To keep up the fight, you need an edge. Distility is here to help.

Distility helps you develop a clear and compelling EVP and messaging that directs your new employer brand. We discover the current state of your employer brand to identify your strengths and weaknesses. And we take you through our patented one day workshop to troubleshoot, refine and distill your EVP to the simplest thing that works. Then we deliver a creative recruiting campaign that is magnetic and punches above its weight.

So you can recruit the best talent, quickly.