4 Ways Your Employer Value Proposition Can Help You Win the War for Talent

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When it comes to recruiting and retaining the very best talent for your organization, the best way to gain an advantage over the competition is to clarify your Employer Value Proposition.

Here are the top 4 reasons why defining your EVP is your best first step in recruitment and retention.

4 Key Benefits of a Strong EVP

  1. Greater clarity and performance in all your recruitment, retention and engagement activity.

    When you define the key reasons for employees to want to work and stay at your company, your ongoing effort to attract and keep employees amplifies. Clarify and conquer.

  2. Recruit and win against bigger brands.

    When you are clear on your employer value proposition, you will know the messages to effectively transmit your value through your job ads, job descriptions, career page and recruiters. Work smarter not harder.

  3. Leverage your grassroots more effectively.

    Instead of just a few posts on LinkedIn or Glassdoor, you can now have the full weight of all your employees saying the same message. And when you have your whole organization behind the message, you can extend your reach beyond what media dollars you have. Enable your employees to amplify your EVP message in every social media post or every conversation they have with peers. Harness the power of your tribe.

  4. Cut through the noise.

    Employees don’t always read HR emails. Recruits aren’t always aware of your company or what it does. Use your EVP to get and keep their attention. When you are clear on your offer, you can much more easily recruit the right candidates and reach your employees, even if they don’t read their emails.

Get your EVP faster and watch your numbers soar

In the war for talent, your organization is competing against larger, more well-known brands. To keep up the fight, you need an edge.

Distility is here to help.

Distility helps you develop a clear and compelling EVP and messaging that directs your new employer brand through our patented one day workshop to troubleshoot, refine and distill your EVP to the simplest thing that works. Then we deliver a creative recruiting campaign that is magnetic and punches above its weight.

So you can recruit the best talent, quickly.