Would you wear a bad suit to meet your best customer?

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A Winning and Successful Brand

Seriously, would you meet your best customer in a 30 year old dated suit?  If you did, do you think that would help you win more business?

Brand visual systems (logo, colours, imagery) and brand verbal systems (tagline, slogan) are your business’ suit.  While your brand systems should be built to endure, they will not endure forever and you should take the time to consider if your brand systems are dated and thread-bare.

While your old suit of business systems may seem passable with your long-standing customer, the day is coming when your brand will be compared against a new contender and your customer will want to be reasssured that you are still the best.  Investing in an update of your old brand systems may be the make-over your business needs to get to the next level or keep from losing ground.

It will also give a surprising (or perhaps not so surprising) lift for your team.  With their new brand systems being featured at trade shows or in awareness campaigns, our customers have made comments on how proud they feel about their brand, how they feel that they are “punching above their weight” and how their brand out-shined their arch nemesis competitor.  Like any great makeover, our customers teams get comfortable in their new suit and how it reflects the winning brand that they are.