Unlock Your Brand Advantage and Win More

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Branding and Brand Advantage

At Distility, we are passionate about helping teams unlock their brand advantage.  We are also convinced that this cannot be done without a clear and simple brand strategy.

In essential terms, the goal of any strategy is determining where you will play and how you will win.  Brand strategy addresses this objective for your business by developing a brand which will win space in your customer’s mind by:

  • targeting the right customer,
  • understanding your customer’s problems and need,
  • resolving your customer’s problem and fulfilling their need in a valuable way, and
  • creating and defending your market position.

Compelling and authentic brands are built on:

  • a brand promise that fulfills both your customers’ need and your team’s passion;
  • a brand personality that allows your brand to stand out for its authentic differences; and
  • a brand position which delineates the main reason your customer chooses your solution over the competition.

With a compelling and authentic brand promise, personality and position, you can then create brand systems and campaigns that keep your brand at the top of the customer’s mind.  Over time having a clear brand strategy allows you to build a virtuous circle of brand awareness, customer acquisition and customer retention — win, win, win.

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