Authentic Brand

The Authentic Brand Strategy

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This post is one in a series on our biggest brand strategy secret here at Distility: That most bad brands can be traced back to a failure of exploration, a failure of commitment, or both.
This diagram sums up the way most brands go wrong, and what it takes to get to the holy grail of the authentic brand.

Brand Strategy Matrix

The objective of a successful branding exercise is to find a balance that gets you to your brand essence – a balance between those ideas that have become a part of how your team sees your offer and those that will truly resonate with your audience. It is only when you understand the core of your brand (what we call the Brand Promise) that you can clearly communicate it to others – and live up to it day to day. This requires exploration without the fear of bad ideas yet without too many unproductive tangents, and commitment not to the first good idea for the sake of time, but to the ideas that are most true to you.

You don’t only want to be this brand, this brand reflects who you truly are.