How Do I Get Branding Done?

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Branding is a word that has many meanings. Many businesses start with the misconception that, to get their branding done, they simply need to commit to a logo, a name and put those items on a website.  For many businesses, that is all they do, and they are missing out on the opportunity to unlock their brand advantage.

The key to brand building is to remember that a “brand” is an idea that exists in the mind first and foremost.  You want to ensure that your brand wins prime space in your customer’s mind by gaining awareness with your customer and ensuring all interactions with them reinforce your brand as their preferred solution to their need.  To achieve this more valuable goal, your branding will need to encompass more than simply having a logo, a name and a bare website.

To get branding done, strategic business leaders:

  1. define their brand by developing a brand strategy;
  2. develop brand systems —  the visual and verbal systems which represent your brand — names, symbols, concepts, colours, images, fonts, tag-lines and the like;
  3. ensure their brand systems are used consistently;
  4. internalize and operationalize their brand strategy for maximum business advantage.

Consequently, getting branding done involves more than checking off brand building on a list and moving on.  Brand building starts with making a plan, continues with committing to brand systems, and continues as your business strives to reinforce your brand value in everything you do.  If your brand can do this, then your brand will build a virtuous circle of brand awareness, sales and loyalty.

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