ConnectedN Develops Brand that Resonates with Target Audience

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In Just 1 Day, Company Identifies Competitive Advantage and Clarifies Core Message

ConnectedN is a social content management system that allows you to run all your social media marketing efforts from your website – in as little as 15 minutes per week. The platform lets you quickly see and respond to what others are saying about you online. You can also publish relevant content to multiple social media accounts and track your results.

The company registered for Distility 1day1brand because they had struggled with how to communicate their message to potential partners and clients. Developing a strong brand was particularly important to ConnectedN, as their product provides brand monitoring services for other organizations. 1day1brand gave ConnectedN their first opportunity to sit down as a team and share ideas about their brand.

“The workshop showed me a lot about branding and how the team sees our brand,” says Mark Zimmerman, Past President of ConnectedN. “I was pleasantly surprised by the brand and marketing insights some of the technical guys add to the team.”

Participants completed brand exploration exercises to identify their target market and understand how this audience views their offer. They also identified their points of difference, such as their product’s major benefits, and developed core messaging to use when they present those benefits to potential clients.

“We had struggled for over a year to come up with our core message, but the workshop allowed us to develop that message in half a day. We ended the day with great corporate branding and a strong core message for the team to understand about the tenets of the brand.”

Sandy Gibson – Co-Founder of ConnectedN

Distility 1day1brand has allowed ConnectedN to bring structure and focus to their branding conversations. The team incorporated what they learned into their website copy, marketing materials and discussions with clients.

Since the workshop, ConnectedN has experienced the benefits of a brand that resonates with their target audience. The company raised an additional round of funding and is about to launch large projects with St. Michael’s Hospital, Price Waterhouse Coopers and Plan Canada.

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