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Distility News: U.S. Patent Application and PCT Filing by Innovative Canadian Branding Agency

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Distility is pleased to announce that it has taken the next steps in patenting its ground breaking brand marketing technology.

Back on October 14, 2010, Distility submitted a U.S. provisional patent application for its innovation titled “Method of Visualizing the Collective Opinion of a Group”.

Distility is please to report that it filed both a U.S. patent application on September 8, 2011 and a PCT application on October 14, 2011.

Why does a branding agency need a patent?

“Traditional brand development is too slow, too complicated and too unpredictable for the speed of marketing today,” says Distility founder Axle Davids.  “Our approach brings brand development into the 21st century with a solution that is quick, collaborative, and authentic.  By employing cutting-edge collaborative decision support technology, we are able to streamline and accelerate the branding process.”

The patent pending technology was developed to address the fact that prior methods of group decision making, brand analysis and brand strategy tended to be ineffective in harnessing the diversity of opinions and insight that larger groups can bring to brand development.  Prior processes which attempted to work with groups were cumbersome, time consuming and, often not managed properly. This resulted in decision making pathologies, such as: (i) disengagement by participants, (ii) false consensus, (iii) failure to elicit participant’s views and insights as a result of organizational power imbalances, (iv) over weighting of views by extroverted participants over introverted participants, and (v) polarization of views and deadlock.

The Distility 1day1brand event brings together brand stakeholders for an intensive, one-day brand development session.  At the end of the day, the team emerges not only with the distillation of their best ideas, but also with a strong commitment to those ideas.

How It Works

Distility uses a one-day workflow, with no prep work or homework. The output of the session is a ready-to-use one page brand strategy setting out the brand promise, position and personality.  All stakeholders are gathered for the session under the guidance of Distility facilitators, to encourage discussion and keep the team focused on best practices.  At different stages of the day, each team member uses an Apple iPad to anonymously enter ideas and submit votes.  In addition, imagery presented on three video projection screens during discussion aids participants in visualizing ideas as they explore brand facets.

As the team brainstorms, refines, defines and chooses imagery, the software identifies major differences of opinion and/or consensus in real-time, moving the process forward smoothly and rapidly.  By the end of Distility 1day1brand, the team has reached consensus on their brand promise, position, personality, and top brand benefits.

It took Davids ten years of research and development to create the Distility system.  He designed it to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as research, marketing and communication consultancies that may have a deep understanding of their clients to offer in brand development, but don’t have branding expertise.  Distility’s breakthrough system has been employed by technology start-ups, small, medium and large enterprises to radically accelerate their branding processes and produce powerful, authentic and easy-to-communicate results.   However, as noted by Distility President Margaret Sims, “the proof of this Canadian made innovation is in its exceptionally positive results. 91% of participants in Distility’s last 31 engagements are “Very Satisfied” and the remaining 9% are “Satisfied” with the outcome of their Distility 1day1brand experience.”

About Distility

Distility, @1day1brand, is a Toronto-based brand technology company that creates new applications and systems to improve the branding process and produce powerful, authentic brands. Distility’s innovative approach has been tapped by organizations including Applied Biosystems, AutoShare Car Sharing Network, Blue Mountain Resorts, and Softchoice Corporation. For more information on Distility, to see a video of Distility 1day1brand in action, or to see more results, visit

For more information about Distility 1day1brand, or to arrange an interview with Distility Founder Axle Davids, please contact:

Margaret Sims
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