The Uber Logos with A Guy Banging His Head Against the Wall

The 1 Thing Your CEO Can Learn From the Uber Rebrand

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Okay. Uber revealed a new brand identity today and the Internet lit up like a flame-engulfed slot machine, ringing with abysmal OMGs and LMAOs. It goes to show you one thing . . . But first, a quick recap.

Facts About the Uber Rebranding

  • It was led by Uber Founder + CEO Travis Kalanick and design director Shalin Amin
  • Over half a dozen agencies were interviewed and none were deemed a fit
  • The brand identity was developed with an in-house design team
  • It took the Uber team 18 months to agree on five brand pillars
  • The new brand patterns were inspired by bathroom tiles
  • The Internet actually just melted

Some Bad Stuff People Said

We could try to compile a balanced list of both favourable and biting responses. But really, there is an overwhelming amount of the latter. Here’s a handful of noteworthy burns.
Uber’s rebrand suggests arrogance and inconsistency – Financial Times
Uber’s new rebranding reveals everything that’s wrong with Uber – Inc.
Uber’s rebrand tries to be ‘substantial,’ ends up closer to ‘confusing’ – TechSpot
Uber rebrands with location-specific “asshole” logos based on bathroom tiles – Dezeen

The 1 Thing?

Don’t rebrand in-house