Toronto Branding Agency Distility Takes New Pricing Public

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Toronto Branding Agency Pricing

January 5, 2011

Here at Distility we’re dedicated to making branding — and buying branding — quick and trouble-free. In that regard, the recent filing of our provisional patent brings new benefits to our customers including our ability to now meet the demand of smaller and larger groups with the same speed and quality that has garnered us rave results from our clients to date.

To that end, Distility is pleased to set out its current pricing for Distility 1day1brand effective January 1, 2011.  For our valued customers, they will note that the pricing that they have experienced over the past year is unchanged at $14,500 for Distility 1day1brand.  All that has changed is that we now offer Distility 1day1brand with our delivery scaled to fit both small and large brand strategy challenges.

Our updated pricing for Distility 1day1brand falls into four deployments: small, standard, large and extra-large. Each deployment differs by:

  • Number of facilitators
  • Size of collaboration space
  • Number of Projectors
  • Number of iPads

Small Deployment
Bootstrapping Start-ups and small businesses have been unable to afford our standard deployment. Now one to two founders can achieve a brand strategy in one day for $7,500.

Standard Deployment
Since our launch, the customer sweetspot for Distility 1day1brand has been teams of 3 to 6 participants. They’ve paid $14,500 to get their branding done. Word from the grapevine is that our competition hates and fears our pricing, and even the brand consultants we love have encouraged us to raise our prices to their price tags ($50,000). We’re resisting and holding our pricing for teams of 3 to 6 participants to $14,500.

Large and Extra Large Deployments
Now that our provisional patent has been filled, we are rolling out our scalable decision support solution. This means we can assure both speed and quality, despite larger team sizes. Our large deployment has been thoroughly tested, successfully delivered, and is now available for teams of seven to twelve for $21,500. Pricing for more than twelve participants is available on request.

The Fine Print

  1. The price above covers Distility 1day1brand being delivered in Toronto at our preferred location. There are additional costs if you want us to deliver Distility 1day1brand elsewhere.
  2. Food services and additional out of pocket expenses related to your team are charged as out of pocket expenses at cost.
  3. Distility 1day1brand is designed for straightforward branding challenges. Use our Are You Ready tool to find out if that means you.