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Using Technology to Create Memorable Brands – the Distility Story

One of the major buzz words these days in marketing is branding.  And one of the questions that marketing professionals ask their clients is, “What is your brand?”. Distility understands this problem, which is why it started Distility Branding.

Previously aXle Branding, Distility was recently launched in soft mode.  It launched what it considers to be a breakthrough business method and patent-pending software system that makes it possible for marketers to develop a brand promise, positioning statement and personality in just one day.  “Traditional brand development is slow, expensive and unsuitable for the techno-speed of marketing today,” says Mr. Davids.  “Our approach brings brand development into the 21st century with a solution that is fast, collaborative, and authentic.  By employing cutting-edge collaborative decision support technology, we are able to streamline and accelerate the branding process.”

The patent-pending Distility 1day1brand System brings together all stakeholders for an intensive, one-day brand development session.  Using special software that encourages uncensored brainstorming, Distility coaches lead the team through idea generation, review and refinement, rapidly achieving consensus at each decision point. At the end of the day, the team emerges not only with the distillation of their best ideas, but also with a strong commitment to those ideas.

“Our approach creates a brand that fully embodies the ideas of the people behind it,” says Mr. Davids. “This creates instant marketing momentum, because team members can immediately begin to communicate what they have created to the world.”

I asked Andrew Stewart, Distility’s Public Relations Manager, why Mr. Davids thought Distility was offering a service not yet provided.  “Axle realized that conventional branding was too slow, too complicated, and often meaningless.”  And how are their client’s liking the results?  “Our clients like  our pragmatic approach to branding, doing the simplest thing that works without sacrificing branding best practices. We had been doing branding workshops already, which our clients liked, and we recognized the opportunity to use collaborative technologies to take the branding workshop to a whole new level. Thus was born the idea behind 1 day + 1 team = 1 brand.”

Today’s changing economy coupled with an increased use in new technologies is giving rise to many new start-ups.  As more players enter a hyper competitive economy they will surely be looking to brand themselves in a way that their potential clients will appreciate and which will make them stand above their competition.  Mr. Davids is banking on the idea that these new entrepreneurs will see the value in creating a brand that is simple and compelling.  And if it’s possible to create this in one day, instead of weeks or months, maybe Distility is the brand they will choose.

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