BlackBerry Rebranding Goes Live

BlackBerry Rebranding is Right for RIM

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Waterloo-based tech firm Research in Motion has made a big leap this week, announcing a full corporate rebranding that will leave them as — very simply — BlackBerry. We applaud them for this decision to undergo a BlackBerry rebranding initiative, because it opens the gates to build a single, relevant brand image.

Why BlackBerry Rebranding is the Best Approach

The former RIM has committed to a masterbrand brand architecture in hopes of revitalizing its brand through BlackBerry rebranding. This means that, rather than having two distinct brand images — RIM and BlackBerry — competing for space in the customer’s mind, the once-ubiquitous smartphone giant can now work to focus consumer attention on the instantly recognizable BlackBerry brand.

A Masterbrand Can Win Space in the Customer’s Mind

We at Distility often recommend that our clients use a masterbrand brand architecture for many reasons. But mainly, we tend to suggest it because it enables the target customer to easily fix their attention on one high-level corporate brand, without forcing them to split attention on two or more brand images. This approach is ideal when looking to create brand awareness. And at this point, BlackBerry needs to make people sharply aware of its new message.

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