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The Batman Brand Strategy

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In 1939 the Batman made his first appearance in Detective Comics #27. Six issues later he got his origin story when Americans were introduced to the young Bruce Wayne who witnesses his parents murdered in cold blood. Bruce swears to avenge their deaths and as the years pass, he steels …

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What Makes a Slogan Memorable?

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A good slogan (also known as a good tagline) is a cornerstone of an enduring brand. To be good, a slogan needs to be memorable. An important aspect of branding is to ensure your brand is remembered by your target customers and customers. A recent Cornell University research paper provides …

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Logo Design Is a Waste of Space

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Logo + Wordmark – What’s the Difference? At Distility, we design wordmarks, not logos. A logo is a graphic symbol which represents a brand. A wordmark is a text-only typographic representation which is built from the letters in the brand name. Three Reasons Why Wordmarks Are Part of Pragmatic Brand Marketing We …