Lean Content Marketing Is a Good Thing

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When a company reaches the point at which it is truly a brand, and not simply a business, its leaders have to start thinking about content. The reason is simple. People expect to see content from leading brands. It’s that extra little pinch of value that keeps them interested.

A growing organization is wise to give potential customers the story they’re looking for. And it had better know what channels are relevant to its audiences, or else risk losing traction.

Too Much Marketing Content Spreads You Thin

Brand content comes in many shapes and sizes: books, websites, blogs, white papers, infographics, videos and so on. An organization – especially a growing one – might be tempted to commit to more than what’s actually needed to attract the right readers, and convert visitors into leads that pull weight.

This can become compounded when content marketing experts get involved. Sometimes, consultants recommend that you execute big lists of content which seem impressive at first, but soon become overwhelming.

Focus on What Excites Your Customers Most

We came across a great Salesforce post by our friend Mark Evans that talks about this very dilemma. It emphasizes the importance of staying nice and focused with your content channels. The worst thing you can do is spread yourself too thin between them. The best thing you can do is know what your audience will actually check out, and how it fits into their buying cycle.

The article offers a quick but to-the-point exercise to get started: simply list the types of content that exist and rank them in terms of their importance to your audience. This will make it much easier to zero in on what you can really nail, and what will actually give your potential customers added value.

Read the full Salesforce post here.