Top ten things a brand must be to go social

Top Ten Things a Brand Must Be to Go Social

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Simon Mainwaring’s Blog has a great piece on the top ten things a brand must be to go social. It’s a question that is consuming more and more marketing companies as online spending increases, and Social becomes the next big thing.

Mainwaring’s top ten include:
1. Be Defined
2. Be Simple
3. Be Human
4. Be Inspiring
5. Be Consistent
6. Be Alert
7. Be Interesting
8. Be Surprising
9. Be Brave
10. Be Gracious

The “Be Simple” bit is what fascinates me. How can we define a brand in a way that is easy to grasp, share, and live? Collectively? The brand models of the traditional agencies, some entirely proprietary, most very complex and procedural, are certainly not the way. Visit the Mainwaring Blog for the full story and add your thoughts.