What You Missed on Twitter This Week

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Twitter branding content like a fast moving train

@1day1brand top tweets for the week ending April 22, 2011.

The speed of information dissemination has accelerated.  Keeping up can be a breathless activity.  To help keep up on how branding can help your business, Distility @1day1brandoffers a recap of this week’s top @1day1brand tweets.

Easy to Use Twitter Strategies 

  • 5 Ways You’re Using Twitter Incorrectly. http://bit.ly/ewnD6t

New Business and Marketing Books in a Nutshell

  • Social Location Marketing (Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places, Yelp) primer and tips.  http://bit.ly/f2OuYj

Marketing to Consumers

  • Why Consumers Can’t Pass Up MyCoke Promos, McDonald’s Monopoly Games and Lotteries. http://ti.me/dPnlRf

This week’s Top Distility Rebranding Branding Content

  • That’s Not Branding – A Costly Confusionhttp://bit.ly/eb3FYg

Twitter Tips and Jargon for the uninitiated

“#hashtags”  [pronounced “hashtags” or called “hashtagging”]

Hashtags are a twitter convention which lets you add a tag to your tweet. A tag is a keyword, term, subject or category relevant to your content which makes it easier to be found by someone searching for particular types of content.  As a tweet’s author, you decide whether to tag and how you want to tag your tweet.

To hashtag, you simply put a “#” symbol at the beginning of your tag word.  If you do this, then another user searching in twitter under that hashtagged topic will more readily find your tweet. Hashtags are put within the body of the tweet or at the end of the tweet (more like a metadata tag) depending on your tweeting style.


“Brand Scammed! Branding Agencies Exposed -http://bit.ly/cc5Okn #Branding #Distility


“Brand Scammed! #Branding Agencies Exposed -http://bit.ly/cc5Okn#Distility

If you search #Distility, the search results be tweets tagged with #Distility.