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Naming + Taglines

So you’ve nailed your brand strategy during Distility 1day1brand, a great achievement that leads to the next critical step: developing a verbal system. The Distility Team — which by now knows your brand inside and out — can work with you to determine the following:

  • Corporate names
  • Product & service names
  • Twitter and other social media handles
  • Brand descriptors
  • Domain names
  • Taglines
  • Writing style
  • Boiler-plate company and solution descriptions
  • Sample messaging
  • Messaging guidelines

We’ll Get it All Done Faster and With Great Results
Because we’ve been through the brand strategy process together with you and your team, we can get all these done in less time with fewer meetings. And our work will always be on-strategy, since all of us — the Distility team and your team — will be aligned and committed to the same Distility 1Page Brand Strategy created during your Distility 1day1brand event.

A Better Way and Technology for Naming
Because developing a unique name is an exhaustive exercise, we designed a highly efficient name development workflow to ensure trouble-free naming.


Distility Naming Workflow

The Distility naming workflow

We also built our very own online naming technology. Distility naming software allows our team to generate a greater number of appealing ideas and quickly eliminate names that are not unique to the trademark classes or required domains.

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