What You Missed on Twitter This Week

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Twitter branding content like a fast moving train

@1day1brand top tweets for the week ending April 29, 2011. The speed of information dissemination has accelerated.  Keeping up can be a breathless activity.  To help keep up on how branding can help your business, Distility @1day1brand offers a recap of this week’s top @1day1brand tweets.

The Royal Wedding as an example of the Experience Economy

  • HBR’s take on the Royal Wedding as part of the Experience Economy (or 3 reasons why CEOs should watch the Royal Wedding) – http://ow.ly/4H3OG

Rebranding Your Successful Brand

Building an Innovation Culture

New Search Engine to Search a Brand’s Ads

  • Hello world meet “Moat” – a search engine for banner ads – http://ow.ly/4Gy3M – go on… search!

This week’s Top Distility Rebranding Branding Content

  • Distility 1day1brand let’s you develop your brand strategy in one day.  See how in this two minute video: http://www.distility.com/

Twitter Tips and Jargon for the uninitiated

Direct message or “DM”

A direct message is a private message sent to one of your followers on twitter.  You cannot sent a direct message to someone who is not following you. A direct message is restricted to being a maximum of 140 characters long.  A direct message can be deleted by either the sender or receiver, and, when it is deleted by either the sender or the receiver, it disappears from both the sender and receipient’s inboxes. (More than everything you ever wanted to know about direct messages is detailed in twitter’s help center. )