Brand Education Keynote with Axle Davids

Live the Brand With Distility Education and Coaching

Enlightened leaders understand that brand is more than cosmetics. They want their team to metabolize and operationalize their promise, position and personality for maximum business advantage.

As your frontline brand ambassadors, your team must live and breathe your brand, applying your brand strategy in every interaction and aspect of their jobs. To ensure your team always has your brand strategy in mind long after your Distility 1day1brand event is finished, we created three unique services: Distility Drip Education, Distility Org Education, and Distility Coaching.

Distility Drip Brand Education
Distility Drip Brand Education builds on the commitment you achieved in your Distility 1day1brand event through weekly email that helps you and your Distility 1day1brand team members:

  • Immediately apply the 1page Brand Strategy you committed to together
  • Maintain the momentum you achieved during your Distility 1day1brand event
  • Keep your brand strategy top of mind, so it continues to inform marketing, sales, operations and finance

Distility Org Education
Through one or more sessions with your employees, we’ll deliver a dynamic keynote presentation about branding and help your brand team explain the new brand, brand guidelines and how to implement them.

Distility Brand Coaching
Working with your brand team and brand sponsors, Distility will educate, advise and facilitate to help your organization apply your new brand strategy consistently in your brand systems (visual, verbal, office and digital systems), campaigns, and any other brand touchpoints your team has identified as priorities. This service can be purchased as a workshop immediately following Distility 1day1brand or as a block of hours.

Distility Brand Quest
Distility Brand Quest is an interactive course that delivers what your extended team needs to know to become a brand champion and win your customer’s heart.

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