A better way to see your brand.

Want greater insight about your brand from your broad network of employees and customers? As an add-on to our Distility 1day1brand solution, we’ll survey your stakeholders. The survey results are filtered by a Distility Brand Technologist and used to pre-populate your Distility 1day1brand event. Ideally, Distility Discovery should take place at least 10 days before the one-day event.

How Distility Discovery Works
Like everything we do here, Distility Discovery is straightforward, quick and highly effective.

  • We deploy our straight-to-the-point, interactive survey designed to get raw ideas about your brand in its current state and how it could be in the future. The survey will have two versions: one for your employees and another for your customers.
  • We post the survey on a Web page and provide you with a ready-to-go email and social media invitation containing a link to the survey. Employees and customers can do the anonymous survey at their convenience and send out the link through their online social networks so you get input from a broader base.
  • Once the survey is closed, the results are gathered and organized by a Distility Brand Analyst.
  • The survey results are incorporated into your Distility 1day1brand workflow. They will provide a base that will start and inform your discussions during this important day.
  • At the end of your Distility 1day1brand event, your team leaders will get a copy of your Distility Discovery results, along with your Distility 1Page Brand Strategy and a copy of the Workwall  from your Distility 1day1brand event.

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