Brand Positioning, Promise + Personality – In One Breakthrough Day

Conceived and created by Distility brand technologists, Distility 1day1brand is a cutting-edge, accelerated approach that helps you achieve quality branding at the speed of business.

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1 Team + 1 Day = 1 Brand

This innovative, one-of-a-kind solution combines the right people, a unique idea generation workflow, and a patent-pending decision support technology to deliver a clear, honest and compelling brand – all in a single breakthrough day. There’s no homework to do before or after the event. In one great day, we identify, explore and commit to your brand promise, position and personality.

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Distility 1day1brand events are intense, exciting and ultra productive. From the moment you arrive to the end of the day when you leave with a copy of your Distility Workwall and Distility 1page Brand Positioning Strategy, your day is packed with action – and fun.

Bring Your Partners

Got a designer or writer you’re committed to working with? Book a place for them at your Distility 1day1brand event to ensure they understand how you are positioning your brand as well as you do and will be ready to apply the day’s results right away to your marketing and communication efforts. If you don’t have a partner to help you with your brand verbal and visual systems, here’s a news flash: We can do this for you. Learn how we can help you build Brand Systems that authentically and compellingly convey who you are in words and images.

Want Deeper Brand Positioning Insights? Add Distility Discovery to the Mix

Distility 1day1brand includes basic brand analysis activities, based on input from team members participating in the event. For broader insight from your customers and other employees, we offer Distility Discovery, an online survey filtered by a Distility Brand Technologist. The results from this survey are used to pre-populate your Distility 1day1brand workflow. Learn more about Distility Discovery.

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Distility 1day1brand is designed for companies that are ready for branding and have straight-forward brand positioning challenges. Find out below if you are ready…

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