Question: As a Distility Pioneer, can I call myself a Distility partner?  
Answer:  The moniker which we recommend is “Distility Pioneer” as the relationship is one of referral, and in legal terms it is not a partnership or agent-principal relationship.  Generally, Distility assumes that you would operate under your business name, refer leads to Distility for branding services and, if you choose, represent that you are a Distility Pioneer.

Question: Why is the term of the Distility Pioneer Program Agreement 5 years?
Answer:  5 years was chosen as an administrative convenience in order to avoid renewing agreements on a more frequent basis.  While we hope that we will grow a successful relationship with you as a Distility Pioneer, the agreement also provides for easy termination if it is not.  The agreement can be canceled or terminated at any time by either party and no cause is needed to terminate.

Question:  Will Distility reimburse me for marketing and sales costs?
Answer: No. The only payment by Distility to Distility Pioneers will be Referral Fees for Leads which result in closed sales of Distility 1day1brand.

Question: Why does the lead need to result in a sale in 90 days to qualify for a Referral Fee?
Answer:  We generally close our qualified leads within 30 days (many within 7-10 days), so we are providing ample time. We define a qualified lead as one having BANT: Budget, Authority, Need (either identified project or need) and Timeline. This is different that someone who may have a project in the future.

Question:  Can I charge a mark-up on the price of Distility 1day1brand?
Answer: No. The customer enters into a direct agreement for Distility 1day1brand with us, and Distility maintains consistent and transparent pricing as a key part of our value proposition. There are, however, opportunities for a Distility Pioneer to attend Distility 1day1brand with their customer and contribute to the work performed. In such a case, the Pioneer bills their customer directly for their work.

Question: What is the deal with the non-compete in section 8.1 of the agreement?
Answer:  The non-compete activates only after a Distility Pioneer attends 3 or more Distility 1day1brand events.  It serves to discourage third parties from participating in multiple Distility 1day1brand sessions in order to seek to appropriate our intellectual property for purposes of offering their own competitive service.  The non-compete is limited to Distility 1day1brand, and does not extend to other products or services.

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