Distility offers the Distility Pioneer Program so your connections, colleagues or customers can have the benefits of a predictable, trouble-free branding process with real stakeholder buy-in.

The Key Points of the Distility Pioneer Program Are:

  • It is a lead referral program.
  • The Distility Pioneer receives a referral fee for each lead, which, within 90 days of the lead’s registration, results in a closed sale of a Distility 1day1brand workshop.
  • The referral fees are as follows:
    • $500 for sale of a Small Deployment Distility 1day1brand;
    • $1000 for sale of a Standard Deployment Distility 1day1brand; or
    • $1500 for sale of a Large or Extra Large Deployment Distility 1day1brand.
  • There are two ways to register a lead:
    1. Lead registration by the Distility Pioneer; or
    2. Lead self-registration by the lead completing the Distility Pioneer’s unique “Are You Ready?” form.
  • Distility is responsible for follow-up and closing the leads.
  • The agreement may be terminated at any time by Distility or the Distility Pioneer.  If the agreement is terminated, the Distility Pioneer collects any earned referral fees for leads registered before the termination.
  • Limited non-compete provision; non-compete only kicks in if a Distility Pioneer attends three or more Distility 1day1brand workshops and then offers something the same or substantially similar to Distility 1day1brand.

Apply now to become a Distility Pioneer.